Pier Construction
& Pile Installation

Let us build your new Pier or repair your existing Pier. Need a Lift or Mooring Pile for a Boat Lift
or to tie up your Vessel? We install Piers, Piles, Platforms and Finger Piers.


Bulkheads and Sea Walls are an excellent option for Marinas and existing Residential Bulkheads which need replacement. Vinyl or Timber options are available.

Stone Structures

Stone helps to stabilize the shoreline, filter cloth is placed underneath the rip rap. Waves break on the stone and prevent further erosion of the hillside. Types of Stone Structures include Revetments, Sills, Jetties and Groins.

Living Shorelines

Beautify and create a safe habitat for native plants and animals with a Living Shoreline! A Living Shoreline provides erosion control through strategic placement of plants, stone, sand fill and other structural or organic materials.

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